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About Us

In 2002 I started a Pelagic Tour Company.  It was successful in researching & developing the techniques we use today for locating rare species of Seabirds. We met thousands of like-minded people, forged friendships and many people saw many of their life Mid-Atlantic Seabirds with See Life Paulagics. Then COVID-19 and the Omicron Variant happened.  I had to shut down after 20 years of environmental Seabird work on the ocean, due to the high risk category both myself and some of my leaders were a part of. My work in my previous company made me realize that there are many people that we can help in another way.  Information is power and we’ll deliver a little bit of environmental information to you monthly. It may be different than the type of information I’ve shared with you in the past, but it will be just as interesting and informative.


To continue my desire to inspire and intrigue like-minded people, I thought I’d try my hand at bringing to you the Nature-Inspired Products that we use in our home. What we love about many of the products we chose to be in our collections is their lack of toxins, and possible carcinogens.  The companies we partner with pride themselves on keeping products  “CLEAN”.  We love these products and we hope you will too. 


Let’s have FUN!!  If you were ever on a pelagic trip with me or my wife you know that we believe in getting the most FUN out of every situation.  The idea of creating curated gift boxes came from my wife, when she would put together very personalized gift boxes for our friends and family.  Due to her chronic autoimmune illnesses she has found many purveyors of eco-friendly, toxin-free (or at least the worst toxins are eliminated) highly effective products.  We will share with you many of the nature-inspired ailment helpers that are all made using essential oils.  In addition to selling custom essential oil blends, we’ll provide our customers with links directly to the manufacturers so you cut out the middle man and order to drop-ship direct to you.  Each month we’ll bring to you  recipes to use the oils purchased and other important information on essential oils. You are welcome to inquire about specific needs. Just email us at:


In some cases we are affiliates, which means we get a very small portion of the profits when you purchase a product by clicking the link on our website.  We are also giving a portion of all of profits from every sale to The Lupus Foundation of America(Tristate Chapter),or  The National Scleroderma Foundation, or the Sjogren’s Foundation.


In closing, we think you’ll like the products we are offering to you because they are sustainably sourced, use recyclable or compostable containers, or have a mail-back container program, AND best of all, these are all things we love!  If you have a suggestion for products you’d like to see added, please drop us an email we’d love to hear from you-



Paul A Guris, Owner

Our Mission

Our mission is to wow you with clean products. We want to help save the environment one product sold, one gift purchased, because one person can help to change the world.  We want to encourage each person that visits this site to make themselves aware of the possibilities each one of us has to make changes, a little at a time.  


Please visit the site, type in any product you use, especially products that you use on your body, in your home, and products you buy for others.  My wife realized that many of the beauty products she was using for many years, turned out to have the worst score when it comes to toxins and ingredients that can harm and pollute the water table. 

We don’t want to bash any product on the market.  We just want you to be aware of what you are using and how it can impact your body, and the alternatives that are available to replace them.  You can check beauty products, cleaning products, laundry detergents, clothing, home products, decor items, and even toys.  We want you to use clean, green, sustainable, and recyclable products.  We can even point you to a series of compostable coffee pods that we use everyday.


We have provided many affiliate links for you to find the best products for staying clean and green. Together we can keep our planet clean, green and help to end pollution, contaminated water, and most importantly green living to help rid illnesses caused by toxins.


My wife has auto-immune diseases, and she was using a sunscreen that was the worst for toxins. She changed her sunscreen to a clean one. Myself being a guy, and on the frugal side, want to use up all of what we have first, before we buy more. You don't need to be a black girl to use the sunscreen that we use, which has earned great accolades on its #2 score(1 -2 are excellent and deserve recognition. 3-10 too many toxins/unnecessary chemicals are used according to the toxins database by  

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