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dōTerra - is one of the essential oil companies we have chosen to work with due to their Healing Hands program, that gives back to the communities where they harvest the oils. We also selected dōTerra because their oils have excellent quality, prominently show expiration dates for potency awareness, and they have a large variety of oils available. We also believe the scents are true representations of the plants they are derived from. They also provide nutritional information on the bottles of every oil that can safely be ingested.There is information readily available on the site for all to see about the proper and safe use of essential oils. Many novice oil enthusiasts aren’t aware of the potential harm too much oil in a water-based diffusers can cause. It’s this dissemination of knowledge that we appreciate and rely on heavily to keep our client base safe and allows us to feel comfortable sharing this knowledge with you all.

Special Offers

Giving Back

Woodland’s End gives back a portion of it’s profits to dōTerra’s Healing Hands Program. It is essential to our wellbeing to help take care of those that take care of us. Thank you for your purchases to help us to continue to provide sustenance to those in need. We appreciate your help and so will the people that these programs help.

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