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Calico Pennant Earrings

Calico Pennant Earrings

SKU: 0419
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Calico Pennants are specatcular dragonflies. These earrings are made with eco-friendly resin.  Select from 3 French Wire Colors.  We love dragonflies. There is no greater thrill than chasing an insect that can fly in every direction and can grab a morsel of a fly and then they hang up in a tree and chow down, then I can get a photograph to keep it forever. They are very fast and they are predators.  And, they are at the top of the insect food-chain.

  • Earring Sizes are Approximate length:

    Small .75" - 1.0"

    Med 1.0"-1.50"

    Large 1.50-2.0"

The large size earrings we aren't carrying in our inventory at the moment, but we will order it directly from the vendor within 24-48 hours of your placing your order. Remember, we are mind readers, Order your fancy gift wrap for any of our products.  If you buy multiple products, please let us know if you wish for them to be bundled together and put in a single box, or multiples in one larger box.  

We prefer to use USPS, but if that choice is unavailable to us due to time constriants, we'll try to find the best shipping method for your time. UPS Ground is another viable choice.  Let us know if you have a preference, email us.

French Wire Metal Color
  • Butterflies & Semicolons

    We are fortunate to be able to bring you beautiful earrings from Brittnee of Butterflies & Semicolons. Brittnee creates her earrings to honor and memorialize her late younger sister who ended her story instead of pausing; with a semicolon which is what the semicolon symbolizes on each piece of jewelry. Brittnee has agreed to allow Woodlands End to sell from a special collection of inspired earrings. A percentage from the sale of each pair of earrings sold from this collection goes to

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