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Sparkle Joyful Blend Label

Sparkle Joyful Blend

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Sparkle is a blend created to bring a smile to your face and put a skip in your gait.  We use sparkle in our home to welcome company to a smell that transcends just the joy that we embrace, but it elevates your mood and makes frowns turn upside-down.  My wife wears this as a light cologne because it isn't overpowerering but it is plesant to catch a whiff of as you pass by. It is quite citrus forward, but the savory notes of Bergamot and Sweet Madagascar Vanilla warm the senses.


Essential oils that are diluted with fractionated coconut oil and jojoba oils, that are presented in a 5ml roller bottle to allow you to safely and effectively use in small quanities over an intermittement time span of 90 minutes and no more than a few days in a row.  *It is possible to have severe side effects from essential oil use if you don't follow the protocols put in place and outlined in the safe essential oil guides provided with your Roller.  Roll on the balls of your feet 2 times in a small circle before bed or when you don't anticipate putting on socks or shoes for at least 2-3 hours.  It is recommended not to put on any garments or shoes for 3 hours.  Also, please be careful not to  rub it into any other location as it could cause irritation.   *Please use caution when using any essential oils they can be very potent. (as referenced by the *

Disclaimer - by purchasing this roller with the small amount (5ml of Woodland's End LLC's blends), you release Woodland's End LLC and dōTERRA Inc. of any liability real, perceived  or implied in conjunction with any perceived or real damages in relation to the use of these oils, or any oils used in this roller bottle after it is out of the physical possession of Woodland's End LLC.  DO NOT USE if you are allergic or believe to be sensitive to the ingredients in the essential oils or the blends included. 

  • Ingredients Include:

    Sparkle, Joyful Blend Ingredient Information:Fractionated Coconut Oil,dōTERRA's proprietary blend Citrus Bloom®, 100% pure essential oils of Madagascar Vanilla, Wild Orange, and Bergamot.

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