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American Kestrel Earrings Male (S,M) (Lg must order)

American Kestrel Earrings Male (S,M) (Lg must order)

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These small falcons are one of my wife's favorite birds. She loves the American Kestrel because it was her spark bird. The bird that made her interested in birding as a hobby. On our first trip away together she saw an American Kestrel that was fortunate to catch a vole and was eating it, along with us as we finished our lunch. That bird was very cooperative and I was able to put it in a scope for her so she could watch it again and this time up close in the scope. Large earrings must be ordered. Just send us an email with your contact information and we'll be sure to order and notify you of the shipping tracking and anticipated delivery date. Select your earring size, small or medium plus the color of French wire you’d like, black, gold or silver.

  • Earring Sizes are Approximate length:

    Small .75" - 1.0"

    Med 1.0"-1.50"

    Large 1.50-2.0"

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