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Butterflies & Semicolons

Designer/Artist Brittnee, Utah, USA

At Butterflies and Semicolons I hope to spread a little hope and joy into the world one small piece at a time. I know life isn’t rainbows and butterflies, but I believe it is semicolons and butterflies. When life is at it’s hardest, I hope we can all take that deep pause and find our inner butterfly. I aim to make pieces that make people smile and remind them to look for the beauty in the world. 

-Brittnee S.

We are honored to be able to help bring light to a cause that is important and often has a negative stigma attached. Suicide. Brittnee has been inspiring to us by bringing light to the subject of suicide and helping to prevent it.


The semicolon; has been adopted the worldwide as the symbol of the pause we need to take before ending our story.  The butterfly has the freedom of flight. Butterfly wings represent the rebirth from depression & mental illness to wellness.  A minimum of 10% of all profits from the sales of our earrings from Brittnee's Butterflies & Semicolons Collections, will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to honor all of those who chose not to pause; and we hope to bring more awareness to this cause. 

-Woodland's End Owner

You introduce yourself when you walk into the room - no words necessary...your jewelry helps to define you. What do you want your jewelry to say about you?

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