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Red-flanked Bluetail Female Earrings

Red-flanked Bluetail Female Earrings

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Female Red-flanked Bluetail - a Siberian bred bird, one made its way to South New Jersey (or if you’re from Jersey you just say South Jersey). It has been mostly cooperative this winter allowing thousands of people come to see it! We were in the group that missed it the first time and saw it the second time we tried and found it it much more cooperative on round two. Many people lose patience for chasing rarities. We knew just how delicate and pretty this bird was so seeing it here was exciting for us. It is very rare for both of us to get a life bird and together makes it even more special. The Bluetail has a gloriously vibrant Blue tail and soft buff-colored flanks where the wings meet its sides. The colorful parts and its fliticious personality made us practice our patience while waiting for it to find a bug to eat then to sit still and eat it so maybe we could capture its soul on pixels. The artist has captured the essence of this little bird. Select what size earring and what color French wire you’d like. If we don’t have the combination you want, drop us a request for ordering. Just email us at


  • Earring Sizes are Approximate:

    Small .75" - 1.0"

    Med 1.0"-1.50"

    Large 1.50-2.0"

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