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Rosewood Car Diffuser

Rosewood Car Diffuser

SKU: 0032
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Car Aromatherapy passive diffuser. This wood car diffuser can also be used in the home at your desk on a night stand or anywhere you wish to add a wonderful scent. The clip that fits snugly into the vent of a car dash is magnetic. It attaches onto the back side of the flower and comes off as easy as it attaches, so you can just sit the wood flower on a table or desk.  Exciting isn't it?  Also, the smell lasts for several hours or days depending on how much you use.  The oil penetrates the wood and gets locked-in to it.  You can also make blends of scents by adding them together or separately and they layer onto the wood.  They will all penetrate the wood so no need blend first. The Rosewood is a beautiful wood and looks elegant and sophisticated regardless of it's location. With this diffuser comes two ⅝ dram samples of essential oil.  You get to slect between the 6 best selling oils for Woodland's End.  You can pick two different or two the same.  And future oils may be discounted if you choose to become loyalty members with dōTerra through Woodland's End.  If not, we still discount our retail oils to you just not quite as deep.  

*Please use caution when using any essential oils they can be very potent. (as referenced by the *

 *Disclaimer - by purchasing this roller with the small amount (5ml of Woodland's End LLC's blends), you release Woodland's End LLC and dōTERRA Inc. of any liability real, perceived or implied in conjunction with any perceived or real damages in relation to the use of these oils, or any oils used in this roller bottle after it is out of the physical possession of Woodland's End LLC.  DO NOT USE if you are allergic or believe to be sensitive to the ingredients in the essential oils or the blends included. 

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