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Dolphin Diffuser Necklace

Dolphin Oil Diffuser Necklace

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You can wear your essential oils around your neck to have the beneficial effects of the essential oils while on the go. Use 2-3 drops on the felt pad that is included with the necklace. There are 5 pads that are included with the necklace. You can email us with your preference of colors or more importantly what colors you don't want. We will try to send you colors you like. The significance of the dolphin harkins back to our previous company See Life Paulagics, where we took our customers out to sea on chartered boats to share the riches of the sea with them as often as we could. We enjoyed showing them seabirds,marine mammals and all the life that is out at sea. The word Pelagic means "at sea" and the play on the word with my name Paul became the name of our company. was active for nearly 20 years. Then covid struck and we had no choice but to close the business. Dolphins are some of the most prolific cetaceans at sea, we've seen many species of Dophins including Spinner, Spotted, Inshore and Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, we even saw Clymene Dohpins. The Mid-Atlantic is rich with sealife and we won't say we don't miss it, because we do. We hope to someday get back on out on the water and spend more time enjoying the creatures that brought so many so much joy for so many years.


Included with your purchase is a 5/8 dram sample of the oil of your choice from the 5 most popular oils according to dōTERRA. You can safely and effectively use a small amount (2-3 drops) and smell it intermittemently over a time span of 90 minutes and no more than a few days in a row. *It is possible to have severe side effects from essential oil use if you don't follow the protocols put in place and outlined in the safe essential oil guides provided with your Diffuser Necklace. *Also please be careful not to rub it into anyother location as it could cause irritation. And be very careful when putting the drops onto the felt pad, because oils can stain or ruin clothing due to being oil and some oils are naturally colored and they can be quite difficult to remove. *Please use caution when using any essential oils they can be very potent. (as referenced by the *

*Disclaimer - by purchasing this diffuser necklace with the small amount (⅝ dram of Woodland's End oils by dōTERRA), you release Woodland's End LLC and dōTERRA Inc. of any liability real, perceived or implied in conjunction with any perceived or real damages in relation to the use of these oils, or any oils used in this diffuser after it is out of the physical possession of Woodland's End LLC. DO NOT USE if you are allergic or believe to be sensitive to the ingredients in the essential oils or the blends included.

  • Samples that can be include in ⅝ dram size are:

    Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Wild Orange, Balance® (dōTERRA's Grounding Blend)


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