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Spiral Passive Diffuser w/oil sample

Spiral Passive Diffuser w/oil sample

SKU: 014
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Solid wood passive diffuser. This spiral wood passive diffuser is just beautiful. It is truly gorgeous when there is oil on it. Each of these passive diffusers are handmade. The wood absorbs the essential oil and the oil passively fills the room with the scent you chose. You get a sample ⅝ dram of your choice with the passive diffuser. Select which essential oil you would like to try below.

Select Your Oil Choice
  • Size - 20mm x 50mm

  • Disclaimer essential oils:

    Remember this is a sample size of oil and is not appropriately labeled for resale. It is nor implied that these oils can diagnose, or treat any condition. They should not be considered medication and/or the oils should not be used to treat any ailment.

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